September 20, 2023

Open Court


ATP Tour sets attendance record

The ATP Tour Finals won't have a "race", but will use the Nov. 9 rankings to determine the eight who will qualify – assuming it all goes ahead.

The press release from the ATP Tour Finals put the good news first.

A total of 4,573,152 attended ATP events in 2017 – a record.

On the ATP Tour Finals side, the news is good, but not necessarily amazing.

According to the release, there were six sellout sessions (out of 15), and total attendance was 253,642 last week. For the ninth straight year, the event has broken the 250,000 attendance mark.

But … attendance has been down some 10,000 the last two years compared to previous years. There were more than 260,000 fans every year from 2012-15 (10 sellouts in 2013 for example), maxing out at 263,560 in 2014.

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