February 29, 2024

Open Court


Vid: Brits in Bradenton

BRADENTON, Fla. – On a day when it was bucketing outside, two Brits in Bradenton probably felt right at home.

Kyle Edmund, the 23-year-old at a career high No. 14 to start the 2019 season, hit up with his younger countryman, Jay Clarke.

Clarke, just 20, hit his career best of No. 173 after the US Open, on a roll after winning the Binghamton (NY) Challenger in late July.

The end of the season was a struggle, though. Clarke played six Challengers in North American and India. And he only won one match.

In his final match of the season in Pune, he retired down 1-4 in the third set, in the second round.

Before he could even get on the court, Edmund had to wait for all of the leftover Japanese media there to watch Kei Nishikori to clear off.

With the outdoor courts completely soaked, and only four indoor courts (three, really, as one seemed dedicated to adult students), it was a little frantic as far as court time went.

But Edmund and Clarke had all the time they needed. Being a top-15 player will help in that regard.

The two Brits both had tape jobs on their left knees.

Here’s what they looked like.

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