September 24, 2023

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Gimelstob files retraining order against Kaplan

In the first of what surely will be many salvos fired following the settling of his felony battery case, Justin Gimelstob has filed a restraining order against Randall Kaplan.

Kaplan was on the receiving end of Gimelstob’s ire in that now-infamous Hallowe’en incident.

He had previously filed a restraining order against Gimelstob, in the wake of that attack.

TMZ, of course, has all the details.

From the text of the restraining order.

“Starting on or about March 11, 2019, and continuing until just a few days ago, Gimelstob’s counsel, Shawn Holley, received multiple calls from a person in Kaplan’s “inner circle.” … The individual said that it had been weighing on them and that they needed to report that Kaplan is obsessed with Gimelstob, and is seeking to destroy him.”

“Justin Gimelstob pled no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge to accept responsibility for his role in the events on Halloween and to move on with his professional life and focus on his family. Today, he filed a civil restraining order against Mr. Kaplan—who has been obsessed with Mr. Gimelstob for years and provoked the events of Halloween evening to carry out his repeated threats to destroy Mr. Gimelstob. Justin simply wants Mr. Kaplan to stay away from him and his family so he can move on.”

Here is a section of the addendum to the restraining order, in which a contrasting version of the meeting between the two men in a restaurant back in May is outlined, from Gimelstob’s point of view.


And here is the version contained in the text of Kaplan’s victim impact statement.


They might be describing two different incidents – only the cast members remain the same.

There are a lot more details in the filing, including a statement from Gimelstob’s highly regarded lawyer, Shawn Holley, about multiple conversations she has had with a person who is referred to as a member of Kaplan’s inner circle, who added other details to this … tale.

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