September 27, 2023

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Evans, Lapentti last two standing in ATP board race

After 15 candidates were narrowed down to six, the ATP Tour Player Council voted Tuesday in Rome to elect their new representative to the Tour’s board of directors.

To the surprise of few – the deadlocks have become almost a feature of the current incarnation of the Player Council – the 10 players on the council were unable to get to a 6-4 majority for either Weller Evans or Nicolas Lapentti.

And so, the decision will be tabled until the Player Council meeting at Wimbledon.

Eliminated were young Jamaican-Canadian lawyer Brandon Burke, versatile tennis manager Austin Nunn, former doubles star turned coach and Tennis Channel commentator Mark Knowles, and former player – also turned broadcaster – Nicolas Pereira of Venezuela.

Evans, 64, is a longtime ATP Tour employee, with extensive experience within the Tour structure.

Lapentti, a 42-year-old from Ecuador, is a former top-10 player from an accomplished tennis family who has been the president of his national federation, and has extensive business interests in Ecuador.

As you can see in the piece published this morning – we kind of had a feeling there might be another 5-5 decision.

(Meanwhile, Djokovic has some things to say).

What it will come down to is getting one of the voters less entrenched in his position to flip over the other side. Just one. 

This time, they can’t really onpass it to their player reps to make the call for them.

A little background on some of the factors at play is in the piece below.

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