September 26, 2023

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New for ’20: Maria Sakkari joins adidas


BRISBANE, Australia – Beyond the coaching changes with a new season, there also are inevitable changes in clothing sponsors.

But this one definitely went under the radar.

Until today, when we spotted No. 1 Greek women’s player Maria Sakkari practiced in Brisbane wearing … adidas.

Sakkari, a 24-year-old currently ranked No. 23, had been with Nike (and worn it extremely well).

She had been with them at least since 2016 – if not before. Basically, most of her professional career.

And she’s not the only Nike player to be cut loose as 2020 dawns, as you can read in the story linked to below.

The first thing that stood out we walked by were the … shoes. The laceless shoes.

Sakkari told Tennis.Life that the shoes were really, really comfortable.

Cross-marketing with that other Greek player

The new partnership with adidas creates intriguing possibilities for the company, as it now has the top Greek man and woman on board.

And Tsitsipas is top 10 on the ATP side.

They’re both young, extremely attractive people. And you’d think the company could make good use of that for promotional purposes.

As well, those laceless shoes will definitely solve a big Tsitsipas problem from 2019.

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