September 26, 2023

Open Court


Pics: Kyrgios still on board for a run in mixed

MELBOURNE, Australia – Less than 24 hours after a tough scrap against Rafael Nadal eliminated him from the men’s singles in the fourth round, Nick Kyrgios was back.

He sort of winked when he said, “My focus shifts to mixed now,” during his post-match conference Monday night. But he was still keen.

“Yeah, I mean, I just want to go out there and have fun. I’m still in the tournament. I’m not going to take it for granted, another day at the Australian Open,” he said.

Kyrgios and mixed doubles partner Amanda Anisimova warmed up on the furthest court on the Rod Laver side of the complex, No. 15.

They drew a nice but very manageable crowd.

It was as low-key as the Aussie himself was as he went through the paces.

But he’s all in.

After Anisimova wrapped up and left the court, Kyrgios stayed behind to hit a few more serves and maybe loosen up the shoulder a bit.

Here’s what it looked like.

The scene offered up a few examples of how funny fans can be. 

You snooze, fellas, you lose

Two young guys on the opposite side of the court from Kyrgios’s chair (they were to the left of the two Kobe Bryant jerseys) were talking about how this was the moment of their lives, to be this close to Kyrgios.

And yet, they wouldn’t go around to the other side where Kyrgios was signing a lot of autographs and doing selfies (and it wasn’t as though the fans were three deep – not even close).

“Too many people,” they said.

They stayed put, because … maybe Kyrgios would sign as he was being hustled out on their side by the security people.

Which didn’t happen. Because most of the time life doesn’t just come to you on a platter; you have to go after it.

Meanwhile, one woman who was there with her grandson reached out as Kyrgios walked by, patted him on the shoulder and told him, “We LOVE you, Nick !!!!!”

“I appreciate that,” was the response from Kyrgios.

Grannies can get away with that sort of thing. 

Forward Granny: “I TOUCHED HIM!!!!!”

Your Tennis.Life correspondent’s question: “Was he sweaty?”

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