February 29, 2024

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Video: Aryna Sabalenka practices – a lot

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – If practice makes perfect, Aryna Sabalenka is going to be really great, in a real hurry.

Anecdotally, wandering around the practice courts all day during tournaments, the 21-year-old seems to be out there more than … just about any of the women.

Many of them, not all, have two sessions a day as they prep in the days before a tournament.

Sabalenka can sometimes have three.

Most often, it’s just the Belarussian and her coach.

(And no, so far, no sighting of the wondrous Dmitry Tursunov).

Thursday was one such example.

There was the morning session.

And then the afternoon session, where she hit … more tennis balls.

And then, as twilight hit the Indian Wells Tennis Garden and the lights took effect, there was Sabalenka out on the practice court again.

It’s notable that in a lot of cases, she’s not practicing with another player, but with her coach. Just hitting balls. And hitting some more balls. 

A lot of balls.

Late Friday morning, Sabalenka was out yet again.

She’ll have another week before she even plays her first match at the BNP Paribas Open. So let’s hope she doesn’t wear herself out – or run out of clean laundry.

But she looks like she can handle it.

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