October 22, 2021


… you'll ever need


Every tennis fan remembers the great video during the pandemic of the two young Italian girls who played tennis on the rooftops.

Of all the videos and off-court things and volley challenges and #TennisAtHome content, that one was probably the biggest winner.

So it’s not a shock (at least, if a company has good marketing people), that Roger Federer’s sponsor, the Italian pasta company Barilla, found a way to bring the young ladies together with the Swiss star.

The result was a bucket-list moment for Carola and Vittoria (who also look to have gotten some brand-new kit, right out of the bags, to wear for the occasion).

Here’s what it looked like.

We’d have liked to see some more masks – especially in Italy.

But Federer, in the limited number of viewings of him after a second knee surgery led to him calling it for 2020, doesn’t seem to do the mask thing. That’s not a good thing.

Here’s the “behind the scenes” video. And Barilla and Federer are also going to send the two girls to the Rafa Nadal Academy – good cross-marketing!

These guys are … good.