July 12, 2024

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Six-month license suspension for Medvedev


Mededev and Stefanos Tsitsipas during their marathon second-round match at the 2018 US Open. (Stephanie Myles/OpenCourt.ca)


Reigning “Cincy” champion Daniil Medvedev confirmed his little contretemps with the French police during the shutdown.

And he’ll pay a big price – he’ll have to let his wife drive for awhile.

The constabulary was out three weekends ago on the main drag that crosses the bottom of France to get to Monte Carlo. They nailed a number of very fancy cars for exceeding the 110 km/hour (68 mph) speed limit.

Two of the perpetrators, we were able to find out then, were tennis players – reportedly Medvedev and Grigor Dimitrov.


After his 6-4, 6-4 victory over American qualifier Marcos Giron Monday inside the US Open bubble, Medvedev came clean.

“Yeah, I exceeded the speed limits. So I cannot drive in France for six months. Yeah, nothing to do. I took it as it is. I broke the rules, so I have to pay for it,” said Medvedev, who said he clocked in at 163 km/hour and was aware of the posted speed limit.

“Probably (if) it would be like 159 (km/h) they would not take my
license away,” he added. “But it was no cars and I was going home after tough practice day, so I wanted to be home faster.

According to the police information, the speeders ranged between 160-180 km/h when they got nabbed. So, small mercies, Medvedev was on the lower end of that.

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