September 23, 2023

Open Court



ROLAND GARROS – You go and check out a potentially intriguing junior girls’ match and what happens?

A bomb scare breaks out on the back courts at Roland Garros.

And as it was all going down, the match between Daria Lopatetska and 13-year-old wild card Brenda Fruhvirtova never missed a beat.

You wonder if they were even aware of all the commotion.

Suspicious Nike bag alert

One well-stuffed Nike bag caused quite a bit of commotion on the back courts at Roland Garros Monday. (Stephanie Myles/

When we arrived, there was a pretty big Nike bag sitting on the last bench beside Court 11. It didn’t seem to belong to anyone. And that’s not the type of thing people leave hanging around.

Anyhow, 15 minutes later, still no takers for the bag.

And that’s when things got interesting.

We’re not allowed to video here for Open Court, so this little slideshow of the events (with narration) will have to do.

Surprise ending

As things began to shake down, the spidey senses began to tingle and we had a feeling how all this was going to turn out, and who the mystery woman was.

Those spidey senses were bang on.

Now that there was no harm done, it was pretty surreal.

We tried to approach Filonenko to find out if she was in trouble with the local gendarmerie. She seemed … a bit discombobulated.

And we later read that she doesn’t understand English. So between that, and the French officials’ rather sparse English, it must have been quite the conversation.

(Lopatestka ended up winning the match).

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