October 22, 2021


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Querrey to escape sanctions for Russian escape caper



After an investigation lasting more than two months, the ATP Tour finally has come down on American player Sam Querrey in the wake of his COVID escape during the Tour stop in St. Petersburg, Russia last October.

The ATP found Querrey’s conduct to be “contrary to the integrity of the game under the Player Major Offense provision in the ATP Code of Conduct.”

For his trouble, he will be fined $20,000 US – subject to appeal, of course.

Querrey has five days to file that appeal.

But … unless the 33-year-old finds himself running afoul of the COVID-19 safety protocols in the next six months, he won’t be on the hook for a single dime.

The fine will be lifted if he keeps his COVID nose clean during that probationary period.

The Tour took into consideration “Mr. Querrey’s many years of otherwise good standing with the ATP and other mitigating factors” in allowing him to purge that potential drop in the bucket.

It is, in the end, not even a slap on the wrist.

For the details on the Querrey family’s escape from Russia under the cover of darkness and on a private plane, to their period hiding out in another country while the Querrey, his wife and his son all tested positive for the virus, read below.