June 22, 2024

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Schnur-Polansky doubles semi in Nur-Sultan ends after one point



Strange warmup, and quick ending to the doubles semifinal involving Canadians Brayden Schnur and Peter Polansky at the Challenger in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Friday.

The warmup was … abbreviated. Schnur and Polansky took no volleys at all.

Polansky armed in a couple of serves, and then went to sit down as both Canadians were eager to just get it started.

Polansky hit an underarm serve, ambled to the net for a half volley, and Schnur put away the volley to win the first point.

And then, they retired.

You can watch the whole thing here.

“Why is there no ATP physio here?”

When the chair umpire announced the score and retirement on his walkie-talkie, the person on the receiving end – whom you could clearly hear – responded with “Understandable”.

Afterwards, with opponents Nathaniel Lammons and Jackson Withthrow taking advantage of the court time to practice a little, you can hear Schnur asking the referee “Why is there no ATP physio here?”

A legitimate question.

Polansky and Schnur discuss matters with the referee after retiring from their semifinal doubles match in Kazakhstan.

In a reply to a message (it was very late/early in Nur-Sultan), Schnur told Open Court that he was was the one injured.

He tried to see in the warmup if he was good to go. But he wasn’t.

Schnur is in the main draw of the Biella Challenger next week.

Polansky would have made it into the qualifying either in Marseille or in Doha (basically, your uncle would have made it into Doha this year). But he has withdrawn from both.

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