February 19, 2024

Open Court


Around RG ’21: Japanese player preps for Tig

Having raised a bit of a ruckus with her media boycott, an unnamed played from Japan practices Saturday ahead of her first-round match against Romania’s Patricia Maria Tig.

There was a gaggle of Japanese media on hand (and only Japanese media) to observ. That included a crew from the country’s television rights holder WOWOW, which is also a personal sponsor of and drops yen on said unnamed player. But can’t speak to her.

Here’s what she looked like. Very tidy, coordinated practice kit.

(And very sparkly shoes, which you can’t really see on the photos).

A funny moment came when the player mishit a ball that went all the way across to the other side of the court – on the next court over.

Can’t emphasize how far that is.

A serious mishit travelled several hundred feet over to Court 4

A friendly opponent over there caught the ball and helpfully sent it back.

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