June 12, 2024

Open Court


ADELAIDE, Australia – In contrast to the complete chaos surrounding Djokovic’s doubles match Monday in Adelaide, on the second (small) court with so many fans unable to get in, his Tuesday morning warmup was calm and undramatic.

With the day session sold out and the fans focused on getting the best possible seat to watch Daniil Medvedev (vs. Sonego) and then Djokovic on the stadium court, his warmup shortly after 10:30 a.m. went almost unnoticed.

But Open Court was there (natch).

And the fans who did find their way there were mostly all rewarded with a selfie or even a slightly sweaty Lacoste wristband.

The crew were in a pretty great mood – as almost every one is at this time of the season.

Here’s what it looked like.

Wrist issue something to watch

There was a point during the warmup when Djokovic hit a slice backhand just slightly wrong – and winced in a bit of pain, shaking out the wrist.

Djokovic got a slice just slightly wrong during his warmup Tuesday – and he winced in pain afterwards although he quicly shook it off.

Notable during the practice – not so as the match began – was a piece of tape running up from the wrist to just past where his wristband ended.

So there may well be a “something-something”. Not that most of the players don’t have a “something-something” even without playing any tennis yet this season.

Other than that, everything looked copacetic.

Djokovic had a fairly long piece of tape from his right wrist upwards during his warmup Tuesday morning in Adelaide, although it was gone when he took the court for his match later in the day.

Here are some more pics from the warmup.

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