September 21, 2023

Open Court


With play held up eternally on this second day of Wimbledon, we’re taking the opportunity to flash back on many of the Canadian women who have competed at the tournament, back in their earlier days.

Crazy how time flies.

Here are some videos to pass the time until they can get on court.

Genie Bouchard and the unknown Muchova

Who was that unknown player, ranked outside the top 200, up to face Genie Bouchard in the second round of 2018 qualifying?

Well, it was Karolina Muchova. Who but for an abject lack of experience at the time, might well have pulled off a win.

Finally, five long years later, she’s coming into her own and made the Roland Garros final.

The tension and nerves before AND after this one were palpable.

Doubles qualifying with Bouchard – RIP

The expansion of the women’s qualifying draw to 128 players meant the unfortunate end of doubles qualifying at Wimbledon.

But back in 2018, Bouchard and Caroline Dolehide took the court against Ysaline Bonaventure and Bibianne Schoofs to try to make the main draw.

They couldn’t quite get it done.

2017 – Bianca Andreescu qualifies

It all seemed so easy back in 2017, when Bianca Andreescu beat Kayla Day, Akiko Omae and Viktoria Hruncakova (then Kuzmova) to qualify for her first Wimbledon.

She lost to Kristina Kucova in the first round of the main draw.

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Junior Fernandez – vs. Raducanu (an omen)

In celebration of Leylah Fernandez winning her first career main-draw match in the ladies’ Monday at Wimbledon, here’s a flashback to her only junior appearance in 2018.

She beat a player from Papua, New Guinea named Violet Apisah in the first round.

Then she ran into a player who didn’t even set off Open Court’s radar at the time, British kid named … Emma Raducanu.

She lost, 6-2, 6-4. Here’s a clip from that (never even occurred to get some footage of Raducanu. Who knew?)

Françoise Abanda – 2018 Wimbledon qualifying

Françoise Abanda had qualified in 2017, winning her first round and giving Jelena Ostapenko (who had just won Roland Garros) all she could handle in the second round.

A year on, she was still in the qualifying. But she lost in the first round to Germany’s Antonia Lottner.

She hasn’t been back since.

Bouchard and Robert Lansdorp

After winning three matches in qualifying at Roehampton, Genie Bouchard gets to practice on the main courts at the All-England Club with then-coach Robert Lansdorp.

She won her first round against British wild card Gabriella Taylor, then lost 6-4, 7-5 to Ashleigh Barty.

Routliffe qualifies for Wimbledon doubles

Canadian Erin Routliffe and partner Alexa Guarachi were last-minute entries into the doubles qualifying at Wimbledon; they just took a flyer and made the trip.

And then they qualified, with wins over Priscilla Hon and Arantxa Rus (shown here) and then Anna Kalinskaya and Viktoria Hruncakova.

They met Krejcikova and Siniakova in the first round – tough outcome. But they took them to three sets before bowing out.

The two, who have since played with other partners, are back at Wimbledon this year – and straight into the main draw this time.

Charlotte Robillard-Millette – 2016

Quebecer Charlotte Robillard-Millette was a top-10 junior for a hot minute back in 2016.

Here she is playing doubles with Karman Thandi; they lost 11-9 in the third set to Olesya Pervushina and … Anastasia Potapova!

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