February 26, 2024

Open Court


Questionable fashion choices in hot, steamy, shirtless Brisbane

BRISBANE, Australia – Back in the day, hot weather on the practice court meant legions of male tennis players doffing the tops and working their tan lines.

Those times have largely passed – perhaps because sponsors pay to have their logos displayed at all times and the players don’t have them tattooed on their pecs.

But ahh, the good days were certainly added value for male and female fans alike, on site at tournaments.

That said, sometimes it leads to … something else.

Like this week in Brisbane, for example.

We present to you Holger Rune – whose shorts stylings cause conversation at the best of times – out there on the practice court with … another unique rendition.

And we also present … Matteo Arnaldi and J.J. Wolf.

Without comment. Especially for Arnaldi. 🤣

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