February 26, 2024

Open Court


BRISBANE, Australia – The main feature of this year’s tennis return to Brisbane has been … the wet stuff.

There were periods over the weekend. And Monday and Tuesday (so far, at least) have been virtual washouts with the exception of matches played under cover on Pat Rafter Arena.

Which doesn’t stop players from doing everything they can to hit some balls.

Whether it’s drying the court themselves .Or having a team member go around you with a towel while you hit some balls. Or hit swing volleys with both feet firmly planted.

Or it could be trying to annoy your coach by aiming balls towards the sidelines, where there are still big puddles – thus taking the balls out of play.

Here’s a sample of what it has looked like this week.

(An extreme example below from the AO a decade ago, when extreme heat stopped play for about 5-6 hours. The players tried to sneak out and get a hit even though it was … forbidden at the time. Also – like a cauldron. They just can’t help themselves).

I guess it’s okay to out them now. 😁


All in all, even if it’s not like the effort will make them better players, it beats sitting inside and looking at your phone.

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