June 19, 2024

Open Court


MELBOURNE, Australia – Back in his early days, Novak Djokovic did a fair few imitations of other players.

(Some loved it; others not so much).

He’s toned that down significantly in recent years. But he’s not above having a little go at his coach – the big lefty-serving Goran Ivanisevic – during a practice session Wednesday on Rod Laver Arena.

(Sorry it’s not video. All the fans inside the stadium can video and post to their social media. But the media isn’t allowed).

He should probably stick to his day job, though.

Azarenka the Aussie lefty

It brought us back to years ago, when we spotted Victoria Azarenka playing a little lefty tennis on the late, lamented practice courts on the back side of the site.

Can t be a decade ago already? Azarenka was then No. 4 in the world. And she’s still kicking it.

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