June 24, 2024

Open Court


ROLAND GARROS – In the end, it didn’t change the outcome of the match even a little.

But strange moments at the start of the Roland Garros quarterfinal between Alexander Zverev and Alex de Minaur.

It all happened at the coin toss.

Given the choice, Zverev called “ball”, confirmed by umpire Damien Dumusois.

The coin toss went a bit astray, and Zverev had to go and fetch it.

It came up “racquet”, and the German made sure that he brought it back to Dumusois without flipping it over.

Then, as Dumusois gave de Minaur (who had won the toss) the choice, Zverev suddenly said he had said “racquet”, not “ball”, originally.

Which, as the video shows, is verifiably not true.

He then joked with de Minaur and told him he could choose if he wanted to. Which de Minaur declined to do.

And so Zverev, who lost the toss, “won” the toss – and chose to receive.

De Minaur held serve, so no harm done.

Perhaps Zverev just … forgot.

But it was still strange on a few levels – including that Dumusois didn’t remember what Zverev had called – and then just took his word for it.

And it all might have gone completely unnoticed, except for a sharp-eyed Tweeter named Liam.

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