May 27, 2020


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Rumors of Sharapova-Nike split fake news: agent

From one unsourced story in a British tabloid, come dozens of cut-and-paste clones.

And so, as rumor becomes “fact” in an Internet instant, Maria Sharapova agent Max Eisenbud set the record straight Sunday on the Russian star’s future with longtime clothing sponsor Nike.

The story in question, in The Sun, claims Sharapova has “told friends that she believes the sportswear giant will not renew her deal when it expires at the end of this year”. And that sources indicate she “is hoping that Adidas will take her on.”

Eisenbud told those assertions are fiction.

“It’s just incredible how a publication can make up lies and not be held accountable. Even worse is how other publications run with the story as if it is fact. It’s a huge issue,” Eisenbud said.

“For the record, Maria has a lifetime deal with Nike. Her fans will get to see some of her best dresses in 2019 and more La Cortez.”