June 20, 2024

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Li Na: all kinds of servin’ goin’ on

In Indian Wells last week, world No. 2 Li Na explained the reason behind her high double-fault numbers, saying she’s working on her serve.

Q.  What’s happened with the serve with all the double faults?

LI NA:  I mean, everyone will make double fault.  Even I make double I still feeling I improve my serve. So of course if I want change something, you cannot change for one or two days.  You need time to, how do you say, organize everything.  Yeah. So I think I was feeling better and better.  Should be okay in next tournament or tournament after.  Yeah.”

Q.  What are you doing?

LI NA:  The legs.  How do you say, before it was like straight legs and bit bend in legs and jump.  Now it’s straight all the time jump.  A little bit change.

Q.  For power or for shape, for spin?

LI NA:  Both.  You can see make a lot of double faults, makes a lot of spin.

Q.  Have you had to accept that?  When Carlos told you he wants to work on your serve that, okay, you’re going to maybe miss more?

LI NA:  Yeah, because we make a deal after Doha back to Beijing.  I was training two weeks already with him in Beijing and then come to here.  Of course, in the first tournament, if I practice of course much better, but come to the tournament or come to the match even got nervous or something, for sure make mistake, but still has a lot of positive way.


That was interesting. Because watching her in practice, in addition to the legs, the most noticeable thing was that she was using an abbreviated serving motion.

Li was not, however using it today during her match against Madison Keys. Just regular.

That’s a lot of muscle-memory messages to be sending your body, especially in mid-season and not during a training block.


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