June 18, 2024

Open Court


Introducing Charlotte Robillard-Millette (video)

The 15-year-old is playing in the playoff tourney this week at Uniprix Stadium, with the prize a wild card into the Rogers Cup qualifying.

Robillard-Millette, a hyphenated last name in the grand Quebec tradition, followed in the footsteps of Gloria Liang and Erin Routliffe before her in winning the 16-and-under division of the prestigious Orange Bowl event in Miami last December.

She’s a lefty and she’s TALL, especially for a 15-year-old. And feisty.

Here are some pics.

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And some video of her playing in Granby last week.

She’s so very 15 – all flipping pony tail and attitude. But there’s something there.We do have issues with some of technique – it’s as though she doesn’t even have a right arm; it just hangs down there throwing everything out of balance – especially on the serve. Bad technique breaks down under pressure. And it’s a whole lot more work to fix it after the muscle memory is dug in deep, while you’re trying to win matches in the pros,  than it is to get it right in the first place (Tru$t u$ on thi$).

FIX IT NOW!!! (Pretty-please?) We realize this is a recurring Open Court refrain on the quality of young serving, particularly, though not exclusively, on the girls’ side.

Why can’t they teach girls to serve properly? It’s beyond our ken. This is one tall with a good trajectory. And she’s a lefty. It should be a big-time shot.


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