July 12, 2024

Open Court


RG ’15 pics: Quiet Sharapova warms up for Stosur

PARIS – Still muted, Maria Sharapova gets ready for her third-round match.

The voice seemed back, somewhat. But Sharapova was definitely still congested – she was doing the Julia Goerges trick of blowing her nose and tucking the Kleenex into the top of her Spandex pants (Ewwwwww, gross, we know).

Here’s what she looked like – note the very conspicuous presence of the security throughout.

Listen to the sound of Sharapova hitting the ball. What do you hear?

Yup. Just the sound of the ball. Absolutely NOTHING else. It’s weird; Sharapova is usually quieter on the practice court than in matches (unlike Azarenka, who’s pretty consistently loud). But this is REALLY quiet.

Only at the end, for a few serves, did she grunt a bit. And even then, it was probably a 3 on the Sharapova scale of 10.

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