June 25, 2024

Open Court


“It’s difficult to know if this is war or not” – Bouchard lawyer

Genie Bouchard’s lawyer had some strong words Thursday.

ESPN.com’s Peter Bodo spoke with Benedict Morelli, the lead lawyer for Genie Bouchard’s lawsuit vs. the USTA.

And it seems already a matter of “he said, they said.”

Here’s the link to the piece.

In a nutshell, Morelli said he sent letters to four principal executives at the USTA concerning the matter. He didn’t receive a response from any of them; an attorney responded. After weeks of silence, he filed the lawsuit.

Bodo says sources inside the USTA tell him Morelli made no approaches prior to filing.

“If the USTA decides it wants to speak with me, I’m here to listen. If they want to litigate, that’s okay too. Because that’s what I do. That’s why Genie and her mother hired me,” Morelli told Bodo.

The first answer will come 20 days following the Oct. 14 filing of the suit.



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