April 19, 2024

Open Court


Yahoo!: In the never-dull life of Fancy Frank Dancevic, another classic chapter

No shoes? No racquets? No SHORTS? No problem for Frank Dancevic.

Go to Yahoo!’s Eh Game to read the classic saga of a shoeless Canadian in Nottingham.

(Updated this morning, with some good news for the Fancy One and his fans)

Monday Fancy Frank update:

On Sunday morning, Dancevic was drying his socks with the hair dryer in his hotel room (c’mon fellas, who among you hasn’t done that? ‘Fess up). He smelled something funny (as often happens when you suffocate a hair dryer), but ignored it. Ten minutes later he walked into his room and there was “white toxic smoke” everywhere.

Dancevic had to evacuate his room, get another one – and then went out and beat Sam Groth in straight sets to qualify for the main draw in Nottingham. He’ll play British wild card Alexander Ward this afternoon (hopefully, as rain has delayed things there).



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