June 19, 2024

Open Court


Photos: Paire and Pospisil pair up in Oz

As the two plan to pair up (pardon the pun) in dubs in Tokyo (Pospisil’s back and Paire’s mood permitting), a look back to Oz.

The two had a pretty good time on the practice court, a session that came a little more than a month before Canada was to meet France in Guadeloupe in Davis Cup.

Paire, of course, joked that this was the closest he was going to get to playing against Canada so it was a fight to the death for “Davis Cup supremacy”.

A year can change a lot of things; at the time, both had longstanding coaches in Lionel Zimbler (for Paire) and Frédéric Fontang (for Pospisil). Both are gone now.

It’s always fun when you see players actually smiling on a tennis court; even in practice, it doesn’t happen that often. At some point you have to sit back and realize that any problems you may have a first-world problems, right? 🙂

Here’s what it looked like.

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