October 23, 2021


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Giorgi tests positive for COVID-19, will miss Charleston, BJK Cup


This isn’t hot off the presses or anything, but it’s a cautionary tale nonetheless.

Italian Camila Giorgi tested positive for COVID-19 and is missing the Volvo Car Open.

Not only that, she was the highest-ranked player due to head to Romania to represent Italy next week in the Billie Jean King Cup.

And she’ll miss that, too.

As usual with these things, the information comes through circuitous routes – in this case, the Italian tennis federation.

But as soon as you see these types of things on draws, or withdrawals are announced, this is your first thought, isn’t it?

“Illness” – unspecified.

Meanwhile, Marketa Vondrousova pulled out of Charleston Wednesday before her opening match – also because of “illness” – unspecified.

But Vondrousova reportedly has already had the coronavirus; she had to withdraw from the tournament in Ostrava last fall because of it.

So clarity is definitely welcome.

Giorgi out of Miami Open March 24

The 29-year-old Italian, currently ranked No. 80, was out of the Miami Open almost as soon as it began, after a first-round loss to Liudmila Samsonova on Wednesday, March 24.

What did that mean? Nearly two weeks with no tennis, nothing to do but to enjoy the COVID-conducive atmosphere of packed and partying South Beach.

We don’t know what she was up to, beyond having someone take a few more shots of her derrière to add to the already voluminous collection.

But you have to assume she didn’t remain in the official hotel and stay in the tournament bubble.

Who would, really?

But the minute they leave, that’s when it gets tricky.

You’d think the players would know better by now. But apparently the message still hasn’t gotten through.

There were plenty of others who were out early in Miami and managed to stay safe.

Hopefully she doesn’t suffer any major effects.

Hanging in South Beach

On Sunday, she posted this, from South Beach.

On Monday, the Charleston tournament announced she had been withdrawn.

“I am very sorry not to be able to participate in the match in Romania alongside my teammates, I really wanted to play with the national team and give my contribution to the team” was the official comment from Giorgi, via the Italian federation.

The FIT reports she is in isolation in Charleston.

Big ask against Halep and Romania

It has called up Bianca Turati, a 23-year-old ranked No. 281, to replace her as part of the five-women delegation headed to Cluj-Napoca next weekend.

The others are Martina Trevisan, No. 99, who now must play No. 1 singles, Jasmine Paolini (No. 103), Elisabetta Cocciaretto (No. 111) and Giulia Gatto-Monticone (No. 177)

The best-ranked doubles player is Trevisan at No. 141.

They will face a squad that includes Simona Halep, Patricia Tig, Irina Bara, Mihaela Buzarnescu and new captain Monica Niculescu.

Niculescu also is the highest-ranked doubles player at No. 55.

There are probably a lot of players who remained in Miami after their elimination, to enjoy the weather (and the maskless freedom) and because it’s really difficult to go home these days before you head to your next destination.

So if Giorgi’s situation can act as a deterrent to anyone, it will have served some purpose.