March 20, 2023

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The latest “Tennis United” crossover: Potapova & Fucsovics

MELBOURNE, Australia – Fans who weren’t familiar got a good look at Marton Fucsovics after his celebratory pose, in the wake of a five-set first-round win over Federico Coria at the Australian Open.

It’s nothing new to those paying attention over the years; the 30-year-old Hungarian has always done his reps in the gym.

But our insiders in Melbourne reported that a lovely Russian player has taken particular notice.

We don’t know if it’s a new romance, a short-lived one or something ongoing. But there was plenty of chatter about new crossover tennis couple: Fucsovics and … Anastasia Potapova being an item.

That has to be one the most attractive pairings out there, to say the least.

Fucsovics had a longtime girlfriend; they were even engaged back in 2017. But she has – as the kids put it – scrubbed him from her Instagram. So that’s that.

It was tough to play Open Court Love Match Paparazzi with so much going on the early rounds. And the scheduling gods weren’t kind to this pair. But we did effort.

Potapova, who reached the second round in singles and doubles in Melbourne, was busy pulling off a minor upset (by ranking, at least) over Sloane Stephens in a delayed first-round singles match on Court 7.

At the same time, Fucsovics was playing Lloyd Harris in a second-round men’s match on Court 13, just a hop, skip and jump away.

Had Fucsovics wrapped the match up in three sets (as he probably should have), Potapova would have missed it all.

But in the end, she was able to get there for the end of it as he won in four sets.

Potapova was able to get to the end of the match between Fucsovics and Harris to cheer him on to victory.

Potapova had a first-round doubles match during the marathon battle Fucsovics waged with Jannik Sinner. He won the first two sets before Sinner ended up running over him in the last three to win in four hours.

So there probably weren’t any Potapova sightings in Fucsovics’s friends’ box – or we’d have seen it online by now!

She wasn’t there when Fucsovics was airing it out on the practice court earlier in the tournament.

To those who’ve just discovered the Hungarian, we can confirm that the gym work is nothing new.

Here he is at the US Open in 2016, and in 2018.

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